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My Data Diary

My Data Diary

Personal Information Management Tool

How Does it Work?

My Data Diary organizes and stores all of your personal, household, medical, and financial information in a digital format that is easy to update.

Why Do I Need It?

The world is moving digital, and easy access to personal information is critical for all people over the age of 18. My Data Diary provides you ready access to all your important documents, at all times, wherever you are.  

Is it Secure?

The My Data Diary tool is provided to Windows users on a Bitlocker 256-AES encrypted and password protected USB drive.*  Mac users can encrypt and protect their device upon receipt.

What is Required?

The My Data Diary tool is optimized for Windows and use with Microsoft Excel.  Versions are available for use with Mac devices and/or Google Sheets.

Priced at only $30!

The My Data Diary tool is provided on a USB drive pre-loaded with a workbook tool and document filing system.

*Pre-encypted devices available for Windows users only.  Mac users will need to encrypt and password their device upon receipt.

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