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A simple and secure tool to track your your personal, household, financial, and medical information.

Select Windows or Mac based on the operating system of your primary device.

Indicate whether you will use Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets to enter / edit your data. Note: The Google Sheets version has less automation.

The product is designed for the household use of one or two adults.

Optional. Enter name of second adult in the household.

Please specify the password you would like us to set on your device. We recommend using a 10 digit phone number.

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Simplify the business of life with the My Data Diary personal data management tool.  The tool captures personal, household, financial and medical information all in one easy to navigate location. Designed in Microsoft Excel, the workbook is provided on a Bitlocker encrypted USB drive so people cannot access your data without your permission.  With 8 GB of storage space you the My Data Diary storage device, you can also upload the documents to support the information recorded in your My Data Diary tool.

My Data Diary is smart. It will indicated which pages of the workbook you should complete based on your answers to key questions, it will flag expired information, record the last updated dates on each page, and auto-fill information based on entries on other pages.

Streamline and simplify the information for your and your family with My Data Diary today!

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